Sirius Vocational Training

Sirius Global supports the candidates who are experts in their field and who intend to continue their professional careers in Germany, to come true their dreams of Germany, as well as the candidates who want to receive the training of their dream job and to achieve these goals in Germany. With the Vocational Training Programs (Ausbildung) developed in this context, it brings you one step closer to these goals.

What is Vocational Training (Ausbildung)?

Germany, a giant manufacturing country setting consecutive examples to the world with its development and technological innovations and industrial products, owes this success to her qualified workforce in employment.
To train this workforce, Germany developed a program with dual vocational training model called Ausbildung. Offering a unique model with its Vocational Education Programs, Germany trains qualified personnel with outstanding experience under nearly 330 disciplines through Ausbildung.Actively integrating the prominent businesses and institutions in every sector to its training disciplines, the German vocational education program is perpetually supported by the state besides professional chambers and trade associations at the induction and graduation phases.

How long does Vocational Training (Ausbildung) last?

Depending on their content, training programs can take between 2 and 3.5 years. Please contact us for information about the vocational training durations matching your career goals.

Why Ausbildung with Sirius Global?

Sirius Global supports the expert candidates who wish to continue their careers in Germany to achieve their dreams in Germany, and is glad to support the candidates who wish to receive the training of their dream job. Sirius Global carries out studies to develop different Ausbildung programs in different professional disciplines.

Under its Vocational Training (Ausbildung) program, Sirius Global meticulously handles tasks from meeting the prerequisites for the candidates’ vocational training to the miscellaneous official procedures following their arrival in Germany. Sirius Global handles processes on individual basis as consulted by its experienced team of experts and provides solutions and alternatives for your career planning in Germany.

If you wish to take an important step in your profession by receiving the training of your dream profession, please contact us for information about our offers in various disciplines.

Why Should You Have a Vocational Training (Ausbildung)?

Candidates need not have any professional background to participate in vocational training. All candidates who completed 12-year basic education can apply.

There are nearly 330 titles of vocational training in Germany. Candidates may apply to these. However, candidates from abroad may not be chosen in several fields. Please contact us to discover the areas we provide support.

Vocational Training System (Ausbildung) has a unique standing in Germany. Under the Vocational Training (Ausbildung) program, candidates receive monthly salaries during their training. This salary is often more than the social welfare granted to a person in Germany.

Vocational training (Ausbildung) is a job-guaranteed and effective method for candidates from abroad who aspire to continue their careers in Germany. Candidates need not seek a job at the end of their training as the practical training takes place in businesses. Candidates who have completed the training can be employed full-time at the workplace where they have received practical training. If they do not wish to work in that workplace, they may also sign a contract with a different workplace.

Those who have completed vocational training in Germany are likely to receive more salary than those who have not, because this diploma certifies that the candidate is qualified.

Vocational training in Germany is designed as theory and practice-based. The theoretical training takes place in schools and the practical part takes place directly in enterprises. Having both theoretical and practical command on your discipline, you become qualified and can get a job.

The diploma received at the end of the training is valid worldwide. If you wish to return after receiving training, you may submit this diploma to the authorized institutions in your home country to get the equivalency of your degree. After you meet the qualifications sought in your country, you can also work with this diploma there.

Theoretically, there is no age limit for starting vocational training in Germany. If you have contracted with an employer, you may start your vocational training in Germany.

Besides all opportunities including the provision of high salary, Vocational Training also offers permanent residence opportunities to those who have completed their training.

Sirius Nursing Vocational Training

Nursing Vocational Training Program developed by the Sirius Medicare Service is a vocational training opportunity for the candidate nurses who wish to continue their careers in the healthcare sector.

Sirius Nursing Assistant Vocational Training

Vocational Training Program for Nursing Assistants developed by the Sirius Medicare Service is a vocational training opportunity for those who wish to continue their careers in the healthcare sector.

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