Unfortunately, having a professional background is not enough when you embarked on a career journey from a different country to Germany.
You also need to learn German according to the nature of your profession, be familiar with technical terms. In addition, if you have missing pieces of training, you are required to complete these pieces of training in order to obtain professional equivalence.

Sirius Academy provides you with educational opportunities in your career journey, enabling you to achieve the career you wish for. If you need training for the career you wish for, all you need to do is choose the one that suits your needs among the following opportunities and contact your consultant.

Sirius Academy

General German Courses

Professional Service in German Language Training Being proficient in German will make you feel safe both at work and in your new life. Take a confident step into your new life with our training programs designed entirely for those who want to continue their career in Germany.

Our Professional German Courses

Our preparation courses are based on Germany-specific requirements for the technical language exam and it offers intensive training in subject-based vocabulary and idioms and reports presentation.

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