It is a training program developed for our candidates who intend to continue their career healthcare sector such as nurses, midwives, physiotherapists as well as general German training. After B1 Level General German Course, candidates can participate in this training program.

During the German Course for Healthcare Professions, candidates can learn the technical terms for the sector they will work in Germany. In addition, topics in the training process, course content, vocabulary studies are aimed at the health sector in general. Thus, candidates have a good knowledge of the professional terminology at the end of their training program.

At the end of the German Course for Healthcare Professions, candidates will be able to participate in the TELC B1-B2 Exam. Should they successfully complete the exam in question, they will be able to use the concerned certificate in the professional equivalency process.

The Main Advantages of Our Courses:

  • Opportunity to learn the daily language used in hospitals as well as general German,
  • Daily medical terminology used in the hospital,
  • Opportunity to develop communication skills, being able to make calls with a patient on the phone,
  • Opportunity to follow your own learning development

In order to enroll in our quality language training program under Sirius Global assurance at the most affordable price and to get information about the training calendar, all you need to do is to fill in the application form and contact your consultant.

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