Professional German Courses

In order for qualified medical personnel who intended to continue their career in Germany to be employed in Germany, they must first apply to the relevant institutions and obtain professional equivalence. With the decision made as a result of the Professional Recognition Process of Healthcare Professions, some candidates can obtain full equivalence and work in Germany. However, the education and experience of some candidates may be insufficient as per the German Vocational Education curriculum. Therefore, equivalence is granted if the missing theoretical and practical training is completed and the exam to be held is successfully passed.

Sirius Medicare Service organizes an exam preparation course so that qualified healthcare professionals can successfully pass the exam in question. Candidates take an exam at the end of this course, which lasts an average of 3 months. Upon completing the equivalence processes, the candidates who have successfully passed this exam will be able to continue their careers in Germany.

Qualified Healthcare Professionals candidates who make use of the most affordable Sirius Career Consultancy under Sirius Global assurance can take part in the course for free. All you need to do to get information about the content and schedule of training is to fill in the application form and contact your consultant.

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