Professional Training in Germany for Nursing Assistant Candidates

Our Vocational Education (Ausbildung) School looks forward to receiving Assistant Nurse (Pflegeassistent) candidates.

What we provide for candidates:

  • We support aspiring candidates with the Vocational Career Coaching Program. We offer individual solutions for each candidate within the program.
  • We support the candidates with required preparations for language proficiency before the professional training process.
  • Before your arrival in Germany, we prepare your place at your school. We carry out your training in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state.
  • Sizler daha Almanya’ya gelmeden işverenlerinizi belirliyoruz.
  • We prepare you for employer interviews.
  • We provide consultancy during the visa reception process.
  • We receive you when you set foot in Germany. We pick you from the airport and accompany you on your way home.
  • We follow up the processes for your diploma equivalency.
  • We organize integration trainings.

What awaits you at the end of the Training Program?

  • You get a valid vocational training diploma in Germany.
  • Facing no job search stress, you start the profession with an average gross salary of 1800 € at the end of the training.
  • If you wish, after completing one year of training, you may continue your education for two more years and graduate as a nurse.
  • After starting the job, you are included in the consultancy program for an additional 6 months.

Who can participate in the Training Program?

  • High school (or equivalent) graduates
  • Holders of a B2 German proficiency certificate (Telc, ÖSD, and Goethe exam results are accepted. The date on certificate must not exceed one year.)
  • Those under 35 years
  • Preferably those with knowledge in healthcare

Just focus on learning German and leave the rest to us.
If you wish to receive assistant nurse education in Germany, please contact us.

Do you wish to receive salary while you train for your dream job?

Do you wish to have no job search stress when you graduate?

If yes, contact us by filling out the application form.

Application Form

Required Qualifications

  • High school (or equivalent) graduates.
  • Holders of a B2 German proficiency certificate (Telc, ÖSD, and Goethe exam results are accepted. The date on certificate must not exceed one year.)
  •  Those under 35 years.
  •  Preferably those with knowledge in healthcare.

What we provide for candidates:

  • We introduce you to your employers before your arrival in Germany.
  • We carry out your trainings in Essen and Hamm in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state.
  • We give a monthly net salary of 750 € to the candidates during the 1-year training period.
  • Before you even arrive in Germany, we ready your furnished apartment (The rent is inclusive of the utility and internet bills and is paid by the student.)
  • We provide consultancy for all your registration and official procedures (such as opening a bank account, insurance registration, residence registration at the municipality, extension of residence permit in the foreigners’ office, infectious disease trainings, extract of criminal record, and completion of vaccinations)
  • We organize integration trainings.

Sirius Nursing Vocational Training

Nursing Vocational Training Program developed by the Sirius Medicare Service is a vocational training opportunity for the candidate nurses who wish to continue their careers in the healthcare sector.

Sirius Nursing

Nursing is one area with major shortage of qualified personnel in the German employment market. This also invites opportunities for qualified healthcare personnel living abroad.

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