We bring the stars of the world into Germany, the star country of business and economy.

We introduce you, our global stars who are the experts of your respective disciplines, to the star companies in Germany, which are the stars of business and trade. No matter what sector you are in, you can bring your skills and experience into Germany with us.

You only have to log into our service, where you can find the solutions that suit you, and contact your advisor. Either it is career coaching or job application preparation, diploma and vocational equivalence procedure or finding a job, you can carry out the whole process helped by our consultants. Leave it to our consultants to manage the process; meanwhile, you may start packing.

Our Services

Sirius Medicare

Sirius Medicare is your partner specialized in healthcare, providing opportunities to the candidates with existing careers in healthcare or who wish to launch their careers in healthcare.

Sirius Meister

Sirius Meister is your partner specialized in the technical field, providing opportunities for candidates with existing technical careers that require mastery, or who wish to launch their careers in a technical field.

Sirius Coaching

It is a bold decision carrying a high risk to put your entire professional career behind and pursue a career journey in a different country. Yet, it is in your own hands to minimize the risks and plan ahead.

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