Professional Service in German Language Training

Being proficient in German will make you feel safe both at work and in your new life. Take a confident step into your new life with our training programs designed entirely for those who want to continue their career in Germany.

Complete your integration!!!

We are with you in all the certification exams and courses you need in your German adventure…

As a healthcare professional or trainee, your first big step on the way to Germany is to learn German.

We serve all our candidates to be ready for their future in Germany in terms of language. To this end, register for one of our contracted German courses in your country or start our language school in Germany. We are pleased to organize a German language course nearest you thanks to our international partners. Our consultant team is happy to provide you with the necessary support.

Get together with people who are on the same goal, become part of the team.

It is in your hands to get ready for your professional future in Germany in the best possible manner. You can make new friends and share information while learning a new language. Thanks to our language courses, you can prepare for your future in Germany more safely, both professionally and privately.

Our online courses

Our online courses are designed to be combined courses. Thanks to our educational application, you are able to automatically learn a part of the course and you will be simultaneously supported by our native German teaching staff in online courses. All our courses are for German language exams recognized by the Goethe Institute and the Telc.

One-on-one learning

In our face-to-face courses, you will be able to study in a group with participants from different parts of the world. We offer you courses at any levels and best prepare you for the language exam of the Goethe Institute and the Telc. If you wish, you may also take part in our courses that offer the opportunity to learn technical languages for the nursing or therapeutic professions.

Online German Courses

Being proficient in German will make you feel safe both at work and in your new life. It takes you one step ahead of your competitors in many sectors, in particular in the healthcare sector.

German Level B2

The foundations of a language can be laid in different countries, but as language levels increase, it becomes difficult to embrace some situations. In addition, it is required to put the learned information into practice.

German for Family Reunification

We, Sirius Global, are with all our candidates who want to continue their career in Germany in all their processes, supporting them in the Family Reunification processes.

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