About Us

The motto “Right People in Right Jobs” forms the basis of job placement.
Reaching the experts in the international market is crucial for corporate efficiency besides being tough and costly. This is why, employers are mostly compelled to recruit personnel with limited profiles in limited areas. Employers who cannot find qualified employees are mostly bound to work with low productivity.

Germany, a leading European Union country with its strong economy and constantly growing production infrastructure, needs a workforce specialized in various sectors. With the present means falling short to meet this need, there is persistent demand for qualified labor force in various sectors, especially in health, IT, engineering and technical disciplines.

While the qualified labor force is needed throughout Germany, many candidates with outstanding education in various countries worldwide cannot find a job in their home countries and they dream of continuing their career in Germany. Such highly-qualified human resources specialized in several disciplines mostly do not know how they can process their immigration to Germany.

Sirius Global has positioned itself as an ‘international bridge’ catering to the need for qualified human resources in the German employment market by interlinking internationally-qualified experts. Since its incorporation, SG has continued carrying out these activities.

Our Mission

  • Becoming a reliable partner in providing human resources from all over the world for corporate and sectoral needs in the German employment market and integrating employees in the employment market.
  • Contributing to meeting the employment demands from employers in a fast and optimal way in a manner based on principles of goodwill, ethical values and functional service.

Our Vision

  • With a sense of mission and awareness of responsibility, we envision becoming a reliable partner for employers and a multinational bridge for qualified health professionals through projects that solve the requirements of social life.

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