Sirius Talent

The motto “Right People in Right Jobs” forms the basis of job placement. Reaching the experts in the international market is crucial for corporate efficiency besides being tough and costly. Yet, it is no more so with Sirius Talent, a more efficient and inexpensive solution.

Thanks to the Sirius Talent Service developed for businesses, it is now possible to find the most qualified candidate for your company on the international market. Consisting of specialized services in their respective fields, our organization structure takes you on board, shapes a candidate profile according to your company’s requirements and suggests the best solutions for your employee needs by shortlisting candidates from the talent pool provided by its international partners.

Thanks to the Sirius Talent Service, we have made the recruitment process sustainable through the application we natively designed for this purpose. This is because our objective is not to place any candidate, but to serve your needs in the best manner at the right time and with the most suitable candidate.

Hire the right candidate in 7 steps with Sirius Talent:

To hire the employee you need, inform us of your request by providing the features of the candidate. Fill in the form below to create a request, and we will call you right away.

Request Form

To find the candidate for for the desired position, we first launch a 360-degree marketing campaign. We keep in touch with our international partners, contacting the best-fit candidates from international resources within the prescribed duration. We add these candidates to our talent pool.

We conduct the first interviews on-line with the candidates from the international candidate pool generated within the prescribed duration. During these interviews, we benefit from our question pool including items like qualifications sought by the employer, German language proficiency, candidate’s qualifications, expected salary and motivating factors.

The assessments generated after the first round of candidate selection are presented to the employer. During this consultation, the employer may also conduct a selection session.

In the presence of the employer representative, an interview is conducted with the candidates approved by the employer. Sirius Talent representative attends this interview as a listener only.

After the interviews held by the employer, the chosen candidates are informed by the employer and employment contracts are dispatched to candidates.

We organize German courses designed for the language needs of the candidates and supervise them throughout for due focus on their proficiency in German. Besides, we follow the candidates’ professional equivalence process and provide them professional equivalence completion training programs if required, so the candidates are prepared under your employment requirements.

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