Doctors are one of the important occupational clusters that touch human life. For this reason, doctors should be able to establish proper communication with their patients so that they can diagnose their diseases. To this end, their language levels must be sufficient.

Candidates who want to serve as a doctor in Germany should first be able to document that they can speak German Level B2. Thereafter, your level in professional German should also be sufficient. To satisfy this requirement, you must successfully pass the German Exam for medical professionals called FSP (fachsprachprüfung).

In order for specialist doctors to successfully complete the German Exam for medical professionals, Sirius Global, with its expert teaching staff, organizes one-to-one and online German courses. In this context, it also conducts the necessary consultancy process. Our preparation courses are based on Germany-specific requirements for the technical language exam and it offers intensive training in subject-based vocabulary and idioms and reports presentation.

The main benefits of our courses are:

  • Opportunity to learn the daily language used in hospitals as well as general German,
  • Additional exercises for the professional recognition exam,
  • Daily medical terminology used in the hospital,
  • Opportunity to keep up with current developments,
  • Opportunity to develop communication skills, being able to make calls with a patient on the phone,
  • Opportunity to follow your own learning development

In order to enroll in our quality language training program under Sirius Global assurance at the most affordable price and to get information about the training calendar, all you need to do is to fill in the application form and contact your consultant.

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