We are with you on Your Career Journey in Germany We are with you on Your Career Journey in Germany
Sirius Global operates as an ‘international bridge’ catering to the need for qualified human resources in the German employment market by interlinking internationally-qualified experts.

Our Services

Sirius Medicare

Sirius Medicare is your partner specialized in healthcare, providing opportunities to the candidates with existing careers in healthcare or who wish to launch their careers in healthcare.

Sirius Meister

Sirius Meister is your partner specialized in the technical field, providing opportunities for candidates with existing technical careers that require mastery, or who wish to launch their careers in a technical field.

Sirius Coaching

It is a bold decision carrying a high risk to put your entire professional career behind and pursue a career journey in a different country. Yet, it is in your own hands to minimize the risks and plan ahead.

Sirius Academy

General-Purpose German Courses

Proficiency in German will make you feel safe both at work and in your new life. Take a confident step into your new life with our training programs designed for those who wish to continue their careers in Germany.

Professional German Courses

Particularly for physicians from abroad, we offer C1 technical language exam preparation courses for medical professionals. Our preparation courses are based on the German official requirements for the technical language exam.

Sirius Employer

Sirius Partner

For international candidates, changing countries is a difficult process not only by changing places, but also by changing their social lives and meeting new cultures. We as Sirius Partner are with you during this change and all orientation phases in Germany.

Sirius Talent

Reaching the experts in the international market is crucial for corporate efficiency besides being tough and costly. Thanks to Sirius Talent, it is no more so, while more EFFICIENT and ECONOMICAL.

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