Sirius Nursing

Nursing is one area with major shortage of qualified personnel in the German employment market. This also invites opportunities for qualified healthcare personnel living abroad. If you are holding a qualification in nursing and dream of continuing your career in Germany, you are in the right place.

Under our Nursing Program, we escort you on your new life and career journeys by providing fast and professional support for employment in the health institutions befitting your qualifications with all knowledge and experiences required to make your dreams come true.

The Sirius Nursing Program comprises the preparation phase of our candidates’ language proficiency, their professional equivalence processes, equivalence completion processes through Crashkurs program in case of partial equivalence, job seeking and interviews with employers and miscellaneous processes from the first day of their arrival in Germany. Professional candidates in this program need to learn German quickly and pack their bags for Germany.

If this program interests you, please fill out the application form and contact us. Let’s plan your career journey together in Germany through the Sirius Nursing Program.

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