Professional Equivalence Consultancy

The professional equivalence process means not compiling and dispatching the required documentation only. The slightest error can cause delaying the equivalence process or often a partial equivalence comprising many hours. In addition, amendments in this process may require greater efforts. Therefore, it is imperative that the equivalence process be handled meticulously.

As Sirius Global, we assist you with our expert team in compiling your documents. We ensure your documents are in the accurate format demanded by the authorized institutions in Germany and that they are dispatched with no components missing. In addition, with the power of attorney you give, we supervise your process directly on your behalf.

For the equivalence process, you can reach us by filling out the form at the application link.

Professional equivalency consultancy is also a module within the framework of Sirius Career Counseling. If you wish, you can follow the whole process with your advisor with Sirius Career Counseling.

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