Job Application Consultancy

To shortlist candidates for interviews, employers first sift the job application documents and make selections. After this stage, they conduct interviews. This is why, job application documents are like keys opening doors to jobs.
We check your application documents (CV and cover letter according to the respective job posting) and provide optimization tips in line with the expectations of the German employment market. In this context, we first create a draft. Afterwards, we prepare all your job application documents again under the expectations in the German employment market.

Once your job application documents are prepared, we coach you for your job interview. Within the framework of this consultancy service, before you sit for the interview, we provide you tips about your interview and the points to ponder.

If you wish to create job application documents to draw employers’ attention and benefit from our consultancy service to facilitate getting your job, you can reach us by clicking the application link and filling out the form.

Job Application Consultancy is also a module under Sirius Career Consultancy. If you wish, you may also handle the entire process helped by your consultant under Sirius Career Consultancy.

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