Sirius Coaching

First Step Consultancy

It is a bold decision carrying a high risk to put your entire professional career behind and pursue a career journey in a different country. Yet, it is in your own hands to minimize the risks and plan ahead.

Sirius Career Consultancy

Sirius Global offers you the opportunity of full-process consultancy to assist you in achieving your processes more efficiently, swiftly and effectively. This consultancy covers the whole process from the first step consultancy to your job placement.

Professional Equivalence Consultancy

The professional equivalence process means not compiling and dispatching the required documentation only. The slightest error can cause delaying the equivalence process or often a partial equivalence comprising many hours.

Job Application Consultancy

To shortlist candidates for interviews, employers first sift the job application documents and make selections. After this stage, they conduct interviews.


Job Placement Consultancy

Notwithstanding the urgent need for qualified personnel in the German employment market, the recruitment process can prolong due to trust issues. Candidates may not get a job even after filing several applications.

Visa Consultancy

You made your job applications and signed the employment contract after meeting the employer. Yet, one more obstacle remains: You need to get a visa. The slightest error may lead your efforts thus far go down the drain.

Family Reunification Consultancy

We are aware besides achieving your dream job in Germany, you will also be motivated by your family. That’s why we work as hard as you do to unite you with your family at the earliest.

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